5 Things to Know About Incapacity Planning

One of the best ways to keep your business and family in order is to make sure you’re ready for the unexpected. Estate planning is a guide to ensure your hard work is left in the right hands after you’re gone, but it also serves as an important tool for when you’re incapacitated and unable to handle everything on your own. We want to make sure you’re prepared for everything. Incapacity planning can start at any Read More

4 More Trusts To Help Skip Out on Probate

Last year, we wrote about 3 types of Trusts that could help your loved ones avoid probate. When someone dies without a trust their estate often enters into probate, where a Judge will determine what happens to the belongings and money they left behind. If they create a Will, the Judge will follow the included wishes on what to do. However, court fees, taxes and attorney fees are all payable from the probate estate Read More

4 Estate Planning Resolutions For 2022

What is on your list of New Year’s Resolutions this year? Hitting the gym more? Learning a second language? Spending more time with loved ones? How about punching up your Estate Plan? An Estate Plan is a legally-binding plan created with the help of an attorney that dictates what will happen to your remaining belongings, property, and money after you pass away. Estate Planning can be accomplished through a variety Read More

4 Questions To Ask When Reviewing Your Estate Plan

While you can review your Estate Plan at any time, it feels natural to do so at the end of the year. The New Year already feels like a perfect time for reflection and evaluating the state of everything in your life. Since your Estate Plan is a reflection of your relationships, career, family, and life circumstances, it makes sense to see opportunities for it to change as the rest of your life does. When you take Read More

3 Reasons To Create Your Estate Plan Right Away

At Solan, Park & Robello, we get it. We know that Estate Planning might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world. Estate Planning, after all, is the process of working with an attorney to create a legally-binding plan for what will happen to your property and belongings (known as your estate) and your remaining money (known as your assets) after you pass away. Even when you’ve realized that it’s not Read More

3 Different Trusts to Help Avoid Probate

Estate Planning is the process of working with an attorney to create a legally-binding plan for what will happen to your personal property and belongings (known as your estate) and remaining money (known as your assets) after you pass away. Preparing an estate plan empowers you to make decisions about your own life that would otherwise be made for you in probate court. Trusts are one of the most popular forms of Read More

Do I Need to Work With a Lawyer to Create an Estate Plan?

Most people know they need an Estate Plan, even if they don’t know exactly what one is or how to get it. The concept of a Will is pretty common in pop culture: a document that explains what you are leaving to your loved ones. What is less commonly known is what all an Estate Plan can do - and how to properly make one. Estate Planning is the process of working with an attorney to create a legally binding plan Read More

How To Prepare For California Probate Court

If you have older relatives or a loved one who recently passed away, you may be wondering if you will receive any inheritance, and, if so, how you go about getting it. In most cases, the process of settling someone’s estate goes through California probate court. Going through any legal process involving the courts can be a challenge, and it is often made even more difficult by the fact that you may still be grieving Read More

Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts: Which is Right For Me?

If you’ve been thinking about creating an Estate Plan (and everyone should,) you’ve probably heard about Trusts. These financial entities can be set up for a variety of purposes, but practically all of them are designed to protect, manage, and ultimately distribute your wealth. You can use them to hold assets like real estate, investment accounts, and life insurance, and distribute them to beneficiaries after you Read More

California Estate Planning is Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Even if you have not heard of Estate Planning, you probably have heard of a Last Will and Testament. Everyone knows a Will as a document where you state you are leaving behind everything to your spouse or children or best friend. Most people are content to just scribble their Will on a napkin if they ever get seriously sick and call it a day. Unfortunately, in California, you have to do a little bit more than Read More