5 Ways to Reduce Your Estate Tax

Benjamin Franklin once said that only two things in life could be considered certain: death and taxes. It seems that nothing testifies to the truthfulness of this maxim better than the estate tax - after all, it’s a tax paid after a person dies. It is levied on the estate of the deceased person before the distribution of the assets to heirs and beneficiaries. In 2018, the amount of the estate tax remained at 40% Read More

California Estate Planning: Understanding Probate

Estate planning may at times feel like an intimidating subject and there is little wonder why. After all, it requires a person to think and plan for the time they are no longer around - and this is a thought many find challenging to come to terms with. Still, most adults realize at some point in their lives that having an estate plan is a prudent way to secure both their legacy and the financial needs of their family Read More

How is Incapacity Determined in California?

California law defines incapacity as an inability to make decisions or perform certain acts when at least one of the mental functions referenced in CA Prob. Code § 810-13 (2017) is impaired or lacking. The deficiency or deficiencies can result in: Inability to understand or communicate with others Problems recognizing familiar people and objects Failure to reason logically Presence of delusions and/or Read More

5 Common Examples of Elder Financial Abuse to Watch Out For

Thanks to improvements in health care and overall quality of life, more people in the U.S. are living longer. Unfortunately, many of them have their golden years tarnished by financial exploitation and abuse. According to the National Adult Protective Services Association, an estimated five million seniors are victims of such schemes every year. The true number is a lot higher, given the fact that only one in 44 Read More