Choosing Your Executor: Three Alternative Options

When you create an estate plan, you choose an executor, also known as a personal representative, to name in your will. This person will be held responsible for several duties after you pass away. He or she will be in charge of taking the plan you made in your will and enacting it in the real world. They will make sure your estate’s debts and taxes get paid, will pass your assets on to your beneficiaries on your Read More

Your Guide to DNR Orders

It is every person’s right to refuse or accept medical care. It is the responsibility of healthcare providers and medical professionals to recommend a course of treatment, and they should only follow through with permission from the person who is ill or injured. Choosing to refuse or accept healthcare treatment is a fundamental, universal right that should always be honored. In fact, it is included in the American Read More

Trust Dispute FAQ

Trust disputes occur fairly often. Typically the dispute arises between the beneficiaries of a trust and the trustee - that is, the person appointed to manage it. The players in trust disputes are often family members, and their complicated relationships can come into play in trust litigation, making these complex and emotionally-charged matters. Since money, property, and other valuable assets are at stake, these Read More

A Guide to Five Popular Estate Planning Tools

Most people know what a will is and why it’s important to have one, but many are less aware of the myriad of other estate planning tools at their disposal. At Solan, Park & Robello, we are passionate about helping our clients create estate plans that are perfectly crafted to their unique situations. To that, we use many tools that go beyond the simple Last Will & Testament, and today we want to tell you about Read More

Understanding the Role of a Conservator

A conservatorship is a legal concept in which the financial affairs of an incapacitated person, or even the regular affairs of their daily life, are overseen by someone else. That other person is called a “conservator” and has to be appointed by a judge. Within a conservatorship, the incapacitated person is referred to as a “conservatee” or a “ward.” How do I become a conservator? If you are concerned about the Read More

The Executor’s Responsibility Checklist

When you find out a loved one who passed away named you the executor of their estate, it is a great honor. It means that the respected and trusted you enough to charge you with handling their final affairs. This honor comes with great responsibility. But what exactly is that responsibility? If you find yourself asking, “Okay, so what now?” you’re certainly not alone. Read on for a breakdown of what the role of Read More

Three Ways Dying Without an Estate Plan Creates Problems for Your Loved Ones

At Solan, Park & Robello, we ardently believe in the importance of estate planning. We have seen first hand how negatively it impacts families when someone passes away without an estate plan, whether it’s because they didn’t work with a lawyer to make sure their wishes were stated in a legal valid way, or because they just didn’t plan for their eventual death at all. If you die without an estate plan, it can Read More

Four Tips for Discussing Estate Planning with Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

If you are in the know about the importance of estate planning, it can be stressful, frustrating, and scary to know that your family members or other loved ones are living their lives with an out-of-date estate plan or with no plan at all in place. You know the consequences can be serious and you want to protect them. Luckily, the holidays are the perfect time to bring up this subject! Multiple generations of the Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid

Understanding government-run programs can be complex, and understanding health insurance coverage can be tricky. When you tie the two together, it can be positively confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be. In this post, we’ll explain the differences between Medicare and Medicaid so you can determine which government-run health insurance program is best for you. What Is Medicare? Medicare is a federal health Read More

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Power of Attorney

An important part of estate planning and financial planning is creating a power of attorney. Your power of attorney (POA) is a document that names an “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.” This person will be able to make decisions on your behalf under certain circumstances. Making your POA must be done properly to keep potential problems from arising. Watch out for these three mistakes that could cause trouble down the Read More